Healthy habits for managing & reversing prediabetes : 100 simple, effective ways to prevent and undo prediabetes
Feldman, Marie
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Penerbit Adams Media
Tempat Terbit New York
Tahun 2019
ISBN 9781507209943
Deskripsi 271hlm. ; 19 cm.
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Bahasa English
Anotasi 100 simple lifestyle changes you can make right now to prevent Type 2 diabetes and reverse a pre-diabetic diagnosis in an easy-to-use, user-friendly handbook. There are currently 84 million people in the United States living with a prediabetes diagnosis--left untreated, prediabetes can turn into full Type 2 diabetes within 5-10 years. While being told you are prediabetic can be scary, Healthy Habits for Managing and Reversing Prediabetes shows you 100 simple habits that you can implement in your daily life to lower your risk of developing diabetes. Healthy Habits for Managing and Reversing Prediabetes is packed with easy, straightforward tips to help you stop diabetes in its tracks. The secret? It's all about lifestyle changes--from eating less fat to incorporating more vegetables into your diet to exercising 150 minutes per week. This handbook will show you how easy it is to apply these changes and many more into your routine to live a full, happy, and healthy life. These simple modifications could be the difference between a healthy diabetes-free life and a diabetes diagnosis. You can control your fate--start now"-- Provided by publisher
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