Pleasure prolonged : a game with no end
Fox, Cathryn
Nomor Panggil813.6 Fox p

Jenis Teks
Lokasi Perpustakaan UGM
Penerbit Red Avon
Tempat Terbit New York
Tahun 2008
ISBN 9780062265609
Deskripsi 213 hlm. ; 21 cm.
Nomor Klasifikasi 813.6 Fox p
Subyek Fiksi
Bahasa English
Anotasi Once a mere lab assistant, Erin Shay is thrilled over her new promotion. The curvaceous, brainy, somewhat straightlaced lady has been placed in charge of an important new research project: testing a serum specially designed to substantially prolong a couple's lovemaking. With scientists Jay and Laura off on their honeymoon, Erin's been left alone in the lab ... with her hard-bodied new assistant, Kale Alexander, a sexy stud who has "playboy" written all over him. Erin's never even had a one-night stand--but the project's success depends upon her playing the wild, wanton bad-girl to red-hot Casanova Kale. Since she's already learned the perils of leaving her heart too open to heartbreak, this time she'll be the one calling the shots. Her bad-boy partner is going to know from the git-go that this will be a brief sex-only affair--hot, torrid, steamy love in the interests of science ... with absolutely no strings attached. But when the loving is this deliciously hot, who in her right mind wouldn't want to prolong it?
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